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Another PVP Kill for HerbSkinner

While we were levelling up, we ran across quite a few players time and time again. One day I was in Felwood herbing (of course) and ran across Taekd, a relatively good warlock that had the guts to attack me at the flightpath in southern Felwood once. I survived, the guards did a great job […]

Protection Warrior and Holy Priest Top Kills on D ?

In a 35 minute WSG a Protection Warrior (Qwaitx) and a Holy Priest (Cdthirtyfive) on D somehow got 53 Honorable kills which was the highest kill count in the whole game. Sadly we lost 3 to 1. But Qwaitx got 7 flag returns. On Rampage, our battlegroup, the typical WSG strategy at 70 is the […]