Safe Deposit

Questing and running twinks through instances brings in a lot of green items and sometimes the occasional blue item. While I haven’t had much time lately to liquidate the items, I figured I would just buy the bank tabs and toss everything in the bank until I had a chance to sort through it. While […]

Professional Master Skinning

FiletAvecMoo bought a port to Dalaran (which is infinitely easier to get to than Thrallmar for a Level 40 Shaman) and purchased training to allow me to level skinning to 375. While in Dalaran, I set his hearth there so that I could easily bounce between areas to get back and forth using my hearthstone.

Level 40

FiletAvecMoo became my first Shammy to make it past level 29, and now just hit level 40. I am seeing Chain Heal for the first time. Just playing around in Orgrimmar, I could see that it would be useful for recovering a group that had taken an AOE hit. The other thing I was able […]

250 Quests Completed

While questing in Dustwallow Marsh, FiletAvecMoo turned in his 250th quest.

Me Smash Searing Totem III

While doing some quests in Dustwallow Marsh, I noticed on one quest where you have to click on the Ogre Bones to release an Ogre Spirit, whatever aggros the Ogre first, is used in his message. In this case, my Searing Totem shot a fireball when he spawned, and thus pulled aggro. The harpies in […]

250 Quests Completed

FiletAvecMoo was in Dustwallow Marsh getting Razzeric’s Racing Grips and finished 250 quests after opening the flight path in Brackenwall Village.

Sharptooth Frenzy out of the water

While questing in Stranglethorn Vale, FiletAvecMoo crossed the water to get the key to unlock the box with the blueprints, and a Sharptooth Frenzy continued to attack as he walked up the ramp. More of an annoyance than anything while being hit by a Goblin at the same time. Most of the time the Sharptooth […]

Going Down

FiletAvecMoo was headed down to Badlands, and while I usually mount up and jump after the one pine tree, he received the achievement Going Down for falling 65 yards without dying. Usually he lands on this small rolling hill, but, this time he landed slightly west of it.

Giddy Up

FiletAvecMoo hit level 30 the other day, but, I never had a chance to get to Durotar to get Riding Training or a mount. Today, after 3.0.8 hit, I ventured down to Durotar, purchased training and a Grey Kodo Mount.

Level 30

FiletAvecMoo, a support character on Boulderfist reached level 30. As I’ve played 5 shamans, this is the first shaman to make it past 29. It was timed pretty well so that I was headed back to Thunderbluff for training almost immediately after hitting 30.

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