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Brevisano the Noble

One of the few Holiday Events that a 20 Trial account can complete, and, it comes with a Title. Cho’gall is not a realm that is friendly for the Alliance, so, this one was particularly difficult. In addition, the Alliance population is quite small, so, finding the Alliance level 18+ accounts was almost as difficult […]

While doing some of the Halloween events, love the humor

While doing some of the Hallows Eve events, I noticed a few interesting dialogs from the NPCs. While in Blades Edge, the Bladewing Bloodletters just wouldn’t let me go. When you’re level 20, you sure have a large aggro radius. These chased me all the way from just south of the Thunderlord Stronghold to Sylvannar.

Wisp Engineering

During the Halloween event, Shadoh was turned into a wisp. Since I don’t play Shadoh much anymore, he still had the wisp transformation. While making a [item]4397[/item] for our transfer of items to Boulderfist/Cyclone, I noticed the animation while in wisp form actually showed the hammer.

Crossroads gets Attacked by Zombies

During the Scourge Invasion, there were quite a few people complaining about the crossroads being infected, and the carnage is quite evident.

Boar Bobbing for Apples

During the Hallowed End’s holiday event, my pet Boar, affectionately named Boar, decided to bob for apples himself. He eats fruit, but came up emptyhanded this time.

Zombie event porta-pews in Shatt

Near the end of the zombie scourge invasion, the complaints in trade were so bad that I left trade chat. Our battlemasters in Orgrimmar were dead, the ones in Thunderbluff were dead, I figured, let me check Undercity, and, short of a few invasions and a very handy Argent healer right there, I was able […]

Zombies in Orgrimmar

With the Hallows End Holiday, people have been killing the cockroaches and looking at the Conspicuous crates and infecting almost everything in Orgrimmar. While the Auctioneers resurrect rather quickly, the people that have AFKed in front of them are now ticking time bombs so, it continues on and on. Pallies and Priests will cure it […]

Death Wish Striving to be the best

Death Wish is a hardcore guild who strives to be among the best in the world. Through intelligent direction, skillful execution, and unwavering dedication, we expect to conquer the latest and most challenging end-game content and soar above the competition. From The Death Wish Forums Well they have got most of that… While trying to […]