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Brevisano the Noble
Written by cd34.

One of the few Holiday Events that a 20 Trial account can complete, and, it comes with a Title. Cho’gall is not a realm that is friendly for the Alliance, so, this one was particularly difficult. In addition, the Alliance population is quite small, so, finding the Alliance level 18+ accounts was almost as difficult as getting the Horde accounts.

Most of the achievements were easy. Had I done a little planning, I would have died at the crater rim above the lake in Un’Goro crater as I found out you can’t lay the eggs while swimming. After I got the rest of the achievements, I ran to Orgrimmar, hid behind a building, found my first target, mounted up and ran to get the bunny ears on a Female Tauren. I was killed rather quickly, but, with a corpse walk back, I had time to find the next female race that I needed. I would rez, put the bunny ears on, get killed rather quickly, and, walk back.

The last thing I needed was a Female Troll, so, had one targeted, rezzed, got the achievement, bam, dead. 🙂

As a trial account, the hardest part was being turned into a rabbit for the Un’Goro achievement – I ran an instance and had someone transform me at the end, and I had queued up from Un’Goro Crater. Other than that, most of the achievements were fairly straightforward.

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