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Tekkno resting in Wintergrasp

One of the most vocal people that will tell you just how good he is, always travels with a rogue on his Tundra mammoth, but, just sits near combat gaining honor. For a while, he had created an alt that talked in trade chat about how good he was – until someone with his real-id […]

Wintergrasp Book

One time I was talking with someone regarding the Alliance’s win/loss record for Wintergrasp on Cho’gall and grabbed a screenshot of the book that is kept in the keep. Even with Tenacity, we can rarely defend as the battle’s used to be 120+ versus 10-15.

Horde Graveyard Camping

I am not one to condone graveyard camping. I hate it in the 29 bracket, hated it in the 70 bracket, and now that I’m in the 80 bracket, I still dislike it. Alliance have a few people that glitch Wintergrasp and it is frustrating. We’ll be into a game, a wall will be down […]

Another Wintergrasp, another glitched win for the Alliance

Horde on Cho’gall defends poorly. Out of perhaps 30 games where we have defended, I can think of only a handful where we have successfully defended. Once an outer wall is breached, because the glitch exists, more people need to fall back to prevent vehicles from coming in. The guns need to be manned and […]

More Alliance Glitching in Lake Wintergrasp on Cho’gall

A few names consistently show up with glitchers. In the first picture, you can clearly see Barlar’s demolisher is laying on its side going through the door. The second shot shows the resulting map after Horde lost control. Note that only the exterior walls are down and the interior walls have not been touched. The […]

Wintergrasp Communications

Today, cdthirtyfive was up near the battlemaster, no one had started a group so I fired up InviteMe and created a raid group. It filled up fairly quickly and we still had about 10 minutes until the Battle for Wintergrasp. A second group was started which filled up almost as quickly. The leader of that […]

Cho’gall Alliance Glitching Wintergrasp

Alliance on Cho’gall will do anything to win. Horde does control Wintergrasp about 80% of the time, so, I can see some of their frustration. In the last few days I’ve played roughly 30 rounds of the Battle for Lake Wintergrasp. In those 30 games, Horde has been on defense for 20 of those and […]

Alliance Exploits Wintergrasp… again

On Cho’Gall, when Alliance is attacking, at times they will have 16 vehicles almost immediately after the battle starts and somehow ride up the towers which sends the vehicle through. At that point they can go through the walls with the small door in it meant for people on mounts, and then batter down the […]

Leaning Tower

While healing a raid group during Wintergrasp, we destroyed a tower to earn this achievement.