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Cho’gall Alliance Glitching Wintergrasp
Written by cd34.

Alliance on Cho’gall will do anything to win. Horde does control Wintergrasp about 80% of the time, so, I can see some of their frustration. In the last few days I’ve played roughly 30 rounds of the Battle for Lake Wintergrasp. In those 30 games, Horde has been on defense for 20 of those and on offense probably 10 of those games. On defense, I’ve seen vehicles inside our keep without any walls being down. The first time I saw it, I thought it was one of those random issues where a vehicle just happened to be on the edge of something and it jumped across.

However, after seeing it in probably 12 of the 20 times we’ve been on defense, I think it is more than an accidental thing.

The Alliance has figured out how to glitch through walls using almost all of the vehicles. Even the Siege Engine can come through the doorways in the walls on the inner courtyard, but, requires a bit more finesse. Normally, you’ll see a string of Demolishers coming through the doors in the walls, and they will just keep pumping them out and getting to the wall doorway outside the relic.

On the outer tower, they get the vehicle lined up on the northern side of the southeast tower, and at a very small angle, continue riding forward into that corner. After a few seconds, the vehicle pops up on the tower platform and is able to roll through the courtyard without the wall even being touched. Its not done very often as it takes a number of people with enough kills and the skill to walk up the tower wall and come through.

It also appears that as soon as the battle starts, when the Alliance has 20 stacks of Tenacity, the NPCs near the bridges can be killed granting a PvP kill and giving them full rank to purchase any vehicle. A raid group then makes Siege Engines and they can easily glitch the counters there. Player A creates a vehicle, exits the vehicle, someone else grabs it. Player A then creates another vehicle. I believe they can get double the count and then there hit some limit. The most I’ve seen is 16/8 or 32/16. Its not frequent that I have seen them do this. The one time I saw this, they had 16 Siege Engines within the first 30 seconds of the game and won Wintergrasp before half the Horde even had a chance to zone in.

If they get an outer wall down, they can build Demolishers, turn them sideways and run through the doorways in the inner walls. At that point, the Demolishers are on the interior courtyard battering down the wall in front of the relic. Normally we’ll see 6-8 of them rolling in at the same time and it only takes 2-3 pounding on the wall to break it down.

Once the wall is halfway down, there appears to be a way to get feared or polymorphed through. Its also likely that there is a crack as there was a shaman inside that almost got the orb after we destroyed a few Demolishers. It was dumb luck that we sent a few people in to check the orb.

When Alliance holds Wintergrasp, they have a portal in Dalaran that they can use. Horde’s portal is only open during a battle. I have seen the portal up once when we controlled Wintergrasp and a battle wasn’t going on. I have mind visioned players into the Alliance portion of Dalaran and have seen their portal up each time. I am told by one person that the Alliance portal isn’t always there, but, is there fairly consistently when they hold Wintergrasp.

Horde outnumbers Alliance on our realm roughly 2:1, so, we are always fighting Alliance players with multiple stacks of tenacity — often times we’ll see warlocks with 70k health and dots that tick at 6k. No problem. As a healer, I just have to stay on my toes a little more. I am one of the few that really doesn’t mind Tenacity. If I were Alliance on Cho’gall, I would think it exceedingly difficult to fight 1v3 as it often is during Wintergrasp. Tenacity as it stands seems quite fair and well proportioned. However, the tenacity buff doesn’t disappear at the end of the battle. Often times they will camp the graveyard and kill off the few people that died near a workshop and aren’t being rezzed inside the fortress.

Horde has attempted to glitch a game or two, so, we’re not really immune, but, with our numbers, it is less likely that we need to cheat to win. Even without the cheating, Alliance does have a chance to win and has. Horde is sometimes disorganized and if the Alliance play smart, they can win.

There are plenty of Wintergrasp tactics that the Alliance could use — they just appear to resort to exploits more frequently than fair battles.

In this particular one, Bobom was one of the ones that was exploiting. One day maybe Blizzard will fix it, but, it appears that things are working as intended based on the GM responses and responses in the forums.

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  1. fatgraymatt
    March 20th, 2009

    | 5:18 am

    Funny, on my server Alliance has been winning WG probably 80% of the time and now the horde have started cheating to win. Somehow they are getting to the relic with a couple of minutes left WITHOUT any vehicles anywhere nearby. Someone told me they go to the relic room before the battle with engineer toons then log out. When the battle is nearly over they log back in and burn the relic wall down from the inside using bombs. Weak, very weak way to win.

  2. balsac
    March 23rd, 2009

    | 8:03 am

    alliance on my server are downright terrible and we hold wg most of the time they cant win on defense and most of the time on offense the only way they win is glitching and its fustrating as you might think

  3. Trigger
    October 16th, 2009

    | 9:37 am

    Presently the Alliance are outnumbered – closer to 10 to 1 on Cho’gall and I’ve been present for dozens of battles in Wintergrasp where we, the alliance, had fewer than 20 people. This of course allows for 20 stacks of tenacity, so it’s fun to occasionally one shot someone, however we can’t be everywhere at once and the horde have 2.5 raids thus are able to simultaneously down the towers before we can get one siege engine rolling and create a semi-circle of death around our starting camp effectively trapping us there.

    I have yet to witness any exploitation and even if it was occurring it apparently makes no difference as to the outcome. In addition, I have played the horde side of this equation on Cho’gall and found it utterly ridiculous as to how easy it is to win. The only difficulty is being able to get 2 of the dailies done efficiently-killing the 10 players (easier to just kill the npc’s for this) and destroying the 3 or 4 siege engines.

    I found it amusing that many of my “fellow horde” found great pleasure in this daily massacre.

    As a final note I’d like to add that I found more world pvp on Moonrunner a pve server and Leveling Horde on Cho’gall is child’s play as you will rarely if ever be ganked which begs the question: why would anyone wanting pvp action move to a server with virtually no pvp action?

  4. cd34
    October 16th, 2009

    | 10:10 am

    When this post was originally written, some of the exploits listed in another post were still available. Most have been fixed making exploiting harder. I haven’t played in seven months, so, I don’t have any first-hand information about it now.

    I have heard even with the Horde population advantage that the book in the keep says that when Horde defends, Alliance wins 68% of the time.

  5. Trigger
    October 21st, 2009

    | 12:09 pm

    Interesting. I will log in briefly and take some screen shots of this book as I have witnessed something entirely different. Furthermore, the Horde has defended, at least for the last few months, til 10/20/2009 late that evening when the alliance by the skin of their teeth pulled out a win. Finally able to buy something lol.

  6. Vetto
    October 25th, 2009

    | 12:21 pm

    I just played a game defending as Horde and we had 30 secs left on the timer. Relic door hadn’t been touched and there wasn’t a single seige vehicle in site, much less any engineers running around or guys launching RP-GG’s. Next thing I know the door is down and we lose. Pretty Frustrating.

  7. March 4th, 2010

    | 1:58 am

    The Alliance on Shandris outnumber the by a good number, not exactly sure what when it comes to ratioing. On Shandris, the Horde hold Wintergrasp about 70-75% of the time. In the last battle, just a few minutes ago, I witnessed a train of vehicles coming up the road towards the keep 12 seconds into the match. On Shandris, it has come down to the *Cheat to win* style of play. And after a win they will camp the graveyards so that none of the defenders can leave, if you respawn you get ganked. Many people log out in the zone because they are being held there.

    I read a post in general chat that spelled things out for me: The majority of the server population is Alliance, so Blizzard is not going to risk angering all those players. Leaving a glitch in the game that allows one side unfair anvantage over another is fine, as along as the money keeps coming in.

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