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Easter Egg References

While collecting eggs for the Noble title, I noticed a reference to Pink Floyd and a funny dialog:

Brevisano Statistics

While looking through the Blizzard Statistics page for Brevisano, I noticed a few odd things. Max Heal Received and Max Heal Cast – even with 202 spellpower, he’s a monster: And my Warsong wins – 14 played, 12 wins.

Brevisano the Noble

One of the few Holiday Events that a 20 Trial account can complete, and, it comes with a Title. Cho’gall is not a realm that is friendly for the Alliance, so, this one was particularly difficult. In addition, the Alliance population is quite small, so, finding the Alliance level 18+ accounts was almost as difficult […]

Random item stat bug

However after looting the item the item doesn’t have any stats.

Choose your Destiny

After completing the monk intro quests you are presented with a choice of which faction you want to join.

A Level 20 Trial Account Priest Healer

Brevisano is my Gnome Priest that mostly heals dungeons, but, sometimes ventures into battlegrounds. The queues take quite a bit more time to pop for Warsong Gulch, so, it is a lot of waiting around. Dungeon Queues pop in under four minutes most of the time, so, when you want to actually play, it is […]