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A Level 20 Trial Account Priest Healer
Written by cd34.

Brevisano is my Gnome Priest that mostly heals dungeons, but, sometimes ventures into battlegrounds. The queues take quite a bit more time to pop for Warsong Gulch, so, it is a lot of waiting around. Dungeon Queues pop in under four minutes most of the time, so, when you want to actually play, it is only a few minute wait.

My second character was a priest which became my main account. From time to time I renew my account to play, but, I don’t have a lot of time. Blizzard introduced Free to Play up to Level 20, and I thought that might be interesting. I was pretty happy with my gear until I was told that one of the weapons I was grinding honor to get, was also available through Darkmoon Faire.

So, with a little bit of work this weekend, I did a little more gearing up:

[item]33820[/item] (or [item]4368[/item])
[item]51994[/item] (of the elder)
[item]65912[/item] (+15 health)
[item]1974[/item] (+1 Spirit) (or [item]14148[/item])

[item]42948[/item] and [item]43515[/item] (or [item]6341[/item])
[item]1155[/item] +3 intellect 2H

[item]12977[/item] (+16 armor kit)
[item]6910[/item] (+16 armor kit)
[item]6998[/item] (+16 armor kit)

Obviously, to get the +16 armor kits, you need to have Leatherworking to 100. The easiest way to do this is in Wailing Caverns. The mobs are level 17-18 and drop a fair amount of Medium Leather – and you can convert the Leather to Medium Leather as well.

If you want to use the Tome, you need to get Inscription to 100. Likewise, if you want to use the +3 Int to 2H, you need to get Enchanting to 100. To use the Flying Tiger Goggles, you need to get Engineering to 100. Jewelcrafting only needs to be leveled to 75 – unless you intend to fully ‘twink’ your trial account and max out each of the skills to 100.

As an added bonus, if you do these while Darkmoon Faire is here, you can raise the skill level to 95, do the Darkmoon Faire quest to max the skill at 100 which is usually the most expensive five levels of each of the skills.

With the above setup, I have 2165 Mana with 98 Spirit for decent regen during dungeons. With 202 Spellpower and the 5% buff from doing a random dungeon, renews tick 77-78. I might still change a little gear around, but, prior to the BoA mace, renews were ticking for 67.

Brevisano on the World of Warcraft Armory.

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