Goblin Barbecue

One of the things about being an engineer is that you really get some cool items, but, rarely are they beneficial to more than yourself. In this case, Blizzard added the Goblin Barbecue which is fairly inexpensive to make, and, provides a decent buff if you haven’t gotten any of the raid feasts through your […]

Levelling Engineering

Horde has some pretty odd locations for trainers, resources, etc. But, when you are leveling engineering to 225, if you have a guild bank with the mats or your bank account with the mats and don’t need to continually buy mats from the Auction House, Rachet is your place. The engineering trainer is right near […]

Toys, Toys, Toys

Twinking is all about Engineering. So many times we would just have fun. Seeing the reactions from other players, both on Horde or Alliance, is always quite enjoyable. Some of our favorite toys: [item]10518[/item] [item]10501[/item] [item]4852[/item] [item]10716[/item] [item]10720[/item] [item]10724[/item] [item]10721[/item] [item]4388[/item] [item]4384[/item] [item]4397[/item] [item]10646[/item] [item]10726[/item] [item]2091[/item] [item]4381[/item] [item]4395[/item] [item]4397[/item]