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Levelling Engineering
Written by cd34.

Horde has some pretty odd locations for trainers, resources, etc. But, when you are leveling engineering to 225, if you have a guild bank with the mats or your bank account with the mats and don’t need to continually buy mats from the Auction House, Rachet is your place.

The engineering trainer is right near the flight master, the bank and guild bank are right there, and the smelter/anvil is in a little house just to the west of the bank. A mailbox and Inn is just up the hill in case you have another Alt in a major city next to an Auction House in case you need to buy a few mats and mail them over.

All told, I was able to raise engineering from 80 to 225 making some quick runs back and forth. A few tiny miscalculations on just how many Mithril Bars I needed, or Heavy Stone, but, it sure beat running back and forth to the bank and Anvil and Trainer in Orgrimmar. Alliance, if you’re on a PVP realm, I’m sure you might find Rachet a bit tricky, but, the time savings on a PVE Realm for both Alliance and Horde or, for Horde on a PVP Realm is substantial.

Enjoy leveling Engineering.

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