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During the Bound with Wood Quest

During the Bound with Wood Quest, the ingame quest item tracker didn’t have the item text next to the quantity counter.

Do not localize

Keep things very general, don’t localize! Actually, it appears that a message regarding translation made it through to the game.

Debug info shows up on top of screen during instance

While leveling Qwaitxeleven, I was in Blackrock Depths and some debug info started to show up at the top of the screen.

Quest Glitch and Four Hour Instance Kick?

While questing in Lakeshire, the quest where you have to control the Ettin to lift the rock glitched. While that quest contains a +3 hit ring, I continued it on Luxxi until I got to Deathblaze. During the Deathblaze fight, the scripted text from the Ettin quest was played during the other dialog. During an […]

Warsong Gulch starting area glitch

When playing Warsong Gulch, I saw someone drink Rumsey Rum Dark and didn’t recognize the player name. It appears that when you’re in the flag room during the start, not only can you target the opposing faction, but, any drink buff they get is shown as if they are right next to you. Here we […]

Glitches discovered while leveling a few characters

While questing in Westfall, I ran into two issues. The first was a missing model replaced by the blue and white checkerboard. The second was some dialog by the ragamuffin’s during the crime scene quest.

Glitches in rendering

The first shot is of a Raptor that didn’t properly render its skin. I thought the coloring was odd and it might be a special mob, but, it just appeared to be a glitch in the game. This second shot is a little more difficult to tell, but, Qwicktwo is actually floating above the ground.

220172 Armor – what?

I logged off prior to Cataclysm and reactivated my account recently. When I logged in, I still had the old Inner Fire buff up which appears to have had problems properly scaling to the new Inner Fire.

Bendovr from Dragonmaw exploiting the Stable Roof

Bendovr, a Night Elf Druid from Dragonmaw got on top of the roof at stables. It takes a little creative work to kill players that get up there, but, they usually do quite a bit of damage before they are killed.

Relicc from Eldre’Thalas exploiting Stable

Relicc, a gnome mage from Eldre’Thalas got on top of the roof at stables to try and kill people. Luckily, a few drain manas and a well timed dot while he tried to evocate and he died pretty quickly. It appears that they can be mounted and hit the little shed on the graveyard side […]

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