Pally healing done right

I was healing some battlegrounds and when the game was nearing the end I saw that the druid was in 1st place on healing. I wanted to out heal him but, I never saw the pally coming. Maybe the druid and I should take some healing lessons from him. Yorkrao from Illidan, your heals are […]

The Fall of Naxxaramas

cdthirtyfive was never a PvEer. With my work schedule, I rarely have time to do much more than squeeze in a quick instance like Heroic Violet Hold, run battlegrounds, or participate in the Battle for Wintergrasp. Last night, qwaitxseven and a few friends of his including Wounds, Basmastersix, Smooch, Unholybeast, Darkdestro, Uprise, Paynolympics did a […]

Horde Graveyard Camping

I am not one to condone graveyard camping. I hate it in the 29 bracket, hated it in the 70 bracket, and now that I’m in the 80 bracket, I still dislike it. Alliance have a few people that glitch Wintergrasp and it is frustrating. We’ll be into a game, a wall will be down […]

Tie Greed Roll

While running Heroic Violet Hold with qwaitxnine, luckystrikex, a mage, and I greed rolled on [item]37867[/item] and both rolled the same number. I’m sure when he rolled that 99, he thought he was almost assured of getting the item until I also rolled a 99. Luckystrikex, I apologize.

Everything Counts

Win Alterac Valley while controlling both mines and you earn this achievement. Qwaitxseven, normally a shadow priest, respecced Disc to try out a few battlegrounds to see if healing was in his blood. With Dual Specs coming soon, cdthirtyfive might become Holy/Disc for PVE, and Disc/Holy for PVP. Qwaitxseven will probably go Shadow and Disc […]

Deadliest Catch

Not to let Old Ironjaw slow down Herbskinner, Qwaitxseven and Herbskinner decided to try out ZG again after being a bit more geared than the last time Qwaitxnine (a death knight) and Herbskinner tried farming ZG rep. While we were a little surprised that once the lure was baited, the boss was immediately summoned, after […]

Alliance Exploits Wintergrasp… again

On Cho’Gall, when Alliance is attacking, at times they will have 16 vehicles almost immediately after the battle starts and somehow ride up the towers which sends the vehicle through. At that point they can go through the walls with the small door in it meant for people on mounts, and then batter down the […]

Destruction Derby

cdthirtyfive and qwaitxseven have run a few Wintergrasps together and, during one of the first ones we helped destroy 3 siege vehicles. While Wintergrasp gets rather laggy at times, it is still fun when people are goal oriented and don’t have a scoreboard that they are trying to top.

Emblem of Heroism

cdthirtyfive, 3 hours after hitting 80 loots his first Emblem of Heroism. This was during 10-man VOA with qwaitxseven and a number of members from . Thanks for the invite guys.

Archavon the Stone Watcher

cdthirtyfive hit 80, had 1502 spellpower in quest gear and healed 10-man VOA. There were two deaths at the end and nothing dropped for me, but, it was good to run a reasonably quick instance and know that I still had the healing touch. Most of the players were members of , a guild that […]

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