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Alliance Exploits Wintergrasp… again
Written by cd34.

On Cho’Gall, when Alliance is attacking, at times they will have 16 vehicles almost immediately after the battle starts and somehow ride up the towers which sends the vehicle through. At that point they can go through the walls with the small door in it meant for people on mounts, and then batter down the gate to the orb.

I’ve witnessed this at least 5 times in the last few days both on my hunter and priest, and it happens more frequently after a reset — presumably so they can run 10 and 25 man VoA.

With tenacity and glitches, Wintergrasp becomes a 5 minute battle when we’re defending. Even sending everyone to the side that they are attacking from, out of the 16 vehicles, it only takes about 5 to get through and they are set.


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  1. drakon
    September 16th, 2009

    | 9:38 pm

    the horde has been using the same glitch, racing to the front gate with 20 tenacitykilling a few alliance and quickly building vehicles, usually we win unless there is a whole load of aoe at the west wall

  2. Dreadlock
    October 12th, 2009

    | 5:21 pm

    On my realm we started loading up defense on the east wall to try and compensate for the expoit (which I understand Blizzard is aware of). Yesterday however I found someone exploiting another glitch, I dutifully took my place on a cannon on the southeast keep tower and started pummeling the sunken ring. when all the sudden my cannon started melting health. turns out there was gnome DK ON TOP of the tower doting the cannons. I tried from several different points and could never get LOS on him. It just makes me sick they way some poeple will resort to cheating and exploiting to win. I have screenshots of his position and reported it to bliz….hopefully this will get fixed soon

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