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Raw Longjaw Snapper, only 4000g, buy it now!

While helping another Alliance toon on Cho’gall move some cash over from his horde toon, he asked me to list something on the Neutral Auction House for 4000g. It sold!

Glitches in rendering

The first shot is of a Raptor that didn’t properly render its skin. I thought the coloring was odd and it might be a special mob, but, it just appeared to be a glitch in the game. This second shot is a little more difficult to tell, but, Qwicktwo is actually floating above the ground.

Tekkno resting in Wintergrasp

One of the most vocal people that will tell you just how good he is, always travels with a rogue on his Tundra mammoth, but, just sits near combat gaining honor. For a while, he had created an alt that talked in trade chat about how good he was – until someone with his real-id […]

Rares in Cataclysm

While I was doing a little farming on Noctodoceo, I ran across Posedius and Armagadillo. And now I find out I would have gotten a mount for killing Posedius in a later patch.

Leveling Noctodoceo on Cho’gall Alliance

Astradoceo is an Alchemist/Engineer that is mostly a battlehealer. The economy on the Alliance side of Cho’gall is really bad if you don’t have any gathering skills. Finding herbs or bars to make various items is extremely difficult or expensive. So, I decided to level a druid herbalist/miner to solve that problem. I ran no […]

Wintergrasp Book

One time I was talking with someone regarding the Alliance’s win/loss record for Wintergrasp on Cho’gall and grabbed a screenshot of the book that is kept in the keep. Even with Tenacity, we can rarely defend as the battle’s used to be 120+ versus 10-15.

Shammoi’s first Honorable Kill

While leveling Shammoi on ‘The Forgotten Coast’, I was killing a few mobs for a quest when a warrior charged in and tried to kill me. It didn’t end well for him. He did rez and try again when I had a few mobs on me, but, he died again. After that, he let me […]

A fan, and a non-fan

Once in a while in battlegrounds, people are happy with the fact that they got healed, and, sometimes, mad that they ran beyond your range to heal them, got jumped by a few people and died. Truewarrior was at Fel Reaver in Eye of the Storm, and, kept getting kited further and further from the […]

Even though we lost, Mel and I did quite a bit of healing

In this Alterac Valley, Mel and I did quite a bit of healing taking the first and third positions. While our side didn’t win, even looking at the overall healing, there were a lot of healers in this game.

Idtankthat – player on another realm

While running some battlegrounds, I ran across a player in an EotS named IdTankThat from Magtheridon!

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