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Leveling Noctodoceo on Cho’gall Alliance
Written by cd34.

Astradoceo is an Alchemist/Engineer that is mostly a battlehealer. The economy on the Alliance side of Cho’gall is really bad if you don’t have any gathering skills. Finding herbs or bars to make various items is extremely difficult or expensive. So, I decided to level a druid herbalist/miner to solve that problem. I ran no instances, no battlegrounds and quested through the entire 85 levels which took roughly eight calendar days including one day of extended maintenance. People in the guild often told me that I was leveling wrong, but, even weeks later, many are just now hitting 85.

I’m sure I was ganked at least 60 times, but, mostly in Hellfire Peninsula and Borean Tundra and some of the lower level areas like Swamp of Sorrows. Only once did I run into a Horde Shaman that was questing in Nagrand that tried to kill me while I was turning in a quest. Thanks for the honor.

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