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Matticus believes it is difficult to get 300k healing in a battleground

Undisputed Method of Earning Damage Control talks about how a healer can get 300k damage or healing to obtain the “Damage Control” achievement. While I haven’t taken any screenshots recently, after setting 500k as a lower limit for grabbing a screenshot, 300k healing isn’t difficult at all. I’ve made a number of older screenshots, mostly […]

Another Arathi Basin Perfection

Bhodi gets another Arathi Basin Perfection. We started with an 8 to 7 lead and ended up finishing the game with 15 to 8. There were more alliance, but, I believe they either switched to Warsong Gulch which popped for me just before the end of this game, or, /afk’ed out.

Arathi Basin Perfection

The coveted achievement that so many are after. This achievement requires a few lucky setups if you pug, but if you premade, it would be a little easier with the right group makeup. In our case, before we hit the starting gate we had an 11 to 5 advantage. As a shammy, I have a […]

Zombies in Orgrimmar

With the Hallows End Holiday, people have been killing the cockroaches and looking at the Conspicuous crates and infecting almost everything in Orgrimmar. While the Auctioneers resurrect rather quickly, the people that have AFKed in front of them are now ticking time bombs so, it continues on and on. Pallies and Priests will cure it […]

Crossroads Wind Rider Glitch

During the Zombie/Scourge Invasion, all sorts of places had zombies and I believe that the reason this particular glitch occurs is that someone has logged off on the flight path at just the right time. I’ve done it myself where I have opted to go to Camp T, and decided to stop at Crossroads, so, […]

Small Raid on Orgrimmar ending at Thrall’s Chamber

This alliance raid probably was just a test run to see what sort of resistance they would be up against as they tackled Thrall. They didn’t get too far and died fairly quickly. World Defense only listed 4-5 messages of ‘Orgrimmar is Under Attack’ and then all was quiet.

Totems, totems, totems

While returning a flag in Warsong Gulch, another Shaman was with me dropping totems. The rogue that tried to get to me was quite surprised when both searing totems hit him as he tried to sap me. I threw in an extra flame shock for good measure and he hit sprint and died on our […]

Outland Angler

Another quick fishing achievement which you can combine with the other when you are fishing the wreckage pool in Zangarmarsh. Brackish Mixed School Any of the rivers north of Stonebreaker Hold, Terrokar Forest (also found in Zangarmarsh) School of Darter Any of the rivers north of Stonebreaker Hold, Terrokar Forest Mudfish School Lake south of […]

The Scavenger

This achievement was actually rather easy to obtain, but, required a bit of running around. Steam Pump Flotsam Coilfang Reservoir/Serpent Lake/Umbrafen Lake, Zangarmarsh Schooner Wreckage Windshear Crag, Stonetalon Mountains Floating Wreckage The Forgotten Coast, Feralas Bloodsail Wreckage Southern Savage Coast, Stranglethorn Vale Waterlogged Wreckage Ethel Rethor/Sar’theris Strand, Desolace There are other locations that contain these, […]

Badlands Windrider Glitch

While doing some herb collection in the Badlands, I noticed a flying mount on the ground. I believe this happens because someone logged off while on the flight path at a low point in the flight path and I just happened to be there at the right time. It stayed there for about 45 seconds […]

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