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Arathi Basin Perfection
Written by cd34.

The coveted achievement that so many are after. This achievement requires a few lucky setups if you pug, but if you premade, it would be a little easier with the right group makeup.

In our case, before we hit the starting gate we had an 11 to 5 advantage. As a shammy, I have a slight advantage in terms of speed, but, you could do this with almost any class. The key is to get to the flag at Stables with more than 40 seconds before they claim the flag and no enemy defenders. For Horde, I believe waterwalking is necessary along with a parachute cloak. Had I used a swiftness potion, I might have been there a little sooner as I could run at 50% rather than ghost wolf at 40%. In any case, I started out in ghost wolf, communicated to the team that we needed to keep or prevent them from capping whichever node they went to no matter what as we were going to try for perfection. I ran past the BS (Blacksmith) flag, cast water walking on myself, cast instant ghost wolf, parachute cloak off the cliff, ran across the water (thank you Blizzard for allowing ghost wolf over water) and hit the Stable flag with 7 seconds to spare. You can see in the screenshot that Savagebow did indeed cap the flag, but, I was able to recapture it prior to it turning. Had I run the road under LM, I would run the risk of running into the two that went LM, so, I think the safe choice was BS over water to stable.

For Alliance, you almost have to run that road from Stable to Farm. The slight advantage you have is that Farm is closer to your starting point than Stable is to ours. I believe you could use a druid to run to stables, jump in the water, use swim form and cat form from the edge of the water to the Farm Flag. You can run the road as a shammy or a hunter with a swiftness potion, but, Horde tends to run that road to BS and LM.

In short, you need to outnumber the opposing side and have players fast enough to get to the furthest opposing flag while controlling the other flags. If you pug, you cannot rely on your teammates having swiftness potions, but, it is indeed possible if you have the right classes. Preferably, hunters would head to GM (gold mine) and LM to prevent anyone from capping the flag. BS should be taken and 1 defender should be left at Farm. The key is, getting that opposing flag.

Some methods you could use to get to the other side:

* Hunter with Cheetah
* Shaman with Ghost Wolf Form
* Druid with Feral Swiftness and Dash
* Druid jumping in water at stables and swimming to farm
* Rogue with Sprint

Some useful items:

* [item]7189[/item] If these break, they leave a pile which you shouldn’t take the time to loot
* [item]10724[/item] Somewhat unpredictable. You certainly wouldn’t want to rely on capping stables with these. LM or Mine perhaps.
* [item]2459[/item]

When we did this, I didn’t use any potions. I did have my [item]10518[/item] and did have waterwalking which I believe is essential for any class that is going to take stables.

Good luck. It is a somewhat rare achievement in the 20-29 bracket and people do tend to envy it. When you get it, people will claim that you were in a premade or were talking with the other side and trading wins, but, you know you earned it.

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