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Kaserola – Drakkari in Shadowfang Keep – the Loot Ninja

While running instances, you run into a lot of people that have figured out where they can sit away from their keyboard and still get the loot rolls, experience and rep gained from the other people in the party that are actually running the instance. Kaserola was sitting in a niche near the stables, and, […]

Glitches discovered while leveling a few characters

While questing in Westfall, I ran into two issues. The first was a missing model replaced by the blue and white checkerboard. The second was some dialog by the ragamuffin’s during the crime scene quest.

Trial Account Twinking – Free for Life

What you’re about to read is probably one of the most difficult twinks to make in World of Warcraft. Recently, World of Warcraft instituted a new rule that allows you to create a trial account which limits the account to level 20. There are numerous other restrictions, can’t create parties, can’t join parties with people […]