1337 Armor, 2000 and 2806 Honor, and 73 Armor

While leveling, it is funny how some numbers pop up on different stats. I had ‘leet’ armor when questing in the Barrens. I had exactly 2000 Honor exactly during an Arathi Basin battleground. I needed 2805 Honor to buy the Insignia of the Horde, and had 2806 While fighting some mobs in Felwood, Qwickthree had […]

Qwickthree – level 30 to 40 on Spirestone

Battlegrounds and Questing at the same time uses up a lot of soul shards as I use the voidwalker while question, and the felhound while running battlegrounds. If the battleground queues are rather quick, I’ll leave the felhound out while questing and kill two or three mobs. From 30 to 40 was very fast. Battlegrounds […]

Leet Mana

While questing, I noticed that Quickthree had 1337 mana. He’s leet.

Omgimahealer on Spirestone Wins at PVP!

Omgimahealer, a 71 Human Priest decided to take on a 25 Warlock in quest gear and he Won! While he was specced shadow at the time, I’m guessing that Borean Tundra and Howling Fjord proved too difficult for him at which point he decided to try leveling in Ashenvale or Felwood. He’s a dodge priest […]