Debug info shows up on top of screen during instance

While leveling Qwaitxeleven, I was in Blackrock Depths and some debug info started to show up at the top of the screen.

Calyeth, level 90, decides to continually gank a level 42 monk

Calyeth from Bleeding Hollow decided to make it a mission to kill me several times while I was questing in Ferelas, to the point where I moved to Thousand Needles to and I was followed there and killed a few times – once, immediately after rezzing. The Guild name was classic, ‘Yo Girl Loves My […]

Cindershock, a level 90 Shaman from Stormreaver can’t one-shot a level 41 monk

Cho’gall has been relatively devoid of an Alliance presence for a while. So much so that as a Horde questing, it is rare to see any alliance toons. With the cross-realm areas, we have seen more Alliance, but, typically we still get the ones that can’t Cindershock, a recent level 90 Shaman, obviously questing in […]

Stood in the Fire

While fishing some Deviate Fish on Brevisano around the entrance to Wailing Caverns, I got hit with something and died instantly. Since it is a PvP realm, I always suspect some higher level horde character killing me for being in their territory. This time, that wasn’t the case:

Luxxi gets paid a complement

While I started playing a Paladin for the first time, I did become a battleground healer (as almost all of my toons have been). In one instance someone actually paid me quite a complement.

Funny Moments while questing

The questline for John J. Keeshan has some hilarious scripts. If you’ve seen the Rambo movies, the entire questline talks about John J. Keeshan and Colonel Troteman and a number of other references. It is worth rolling an Alliance character to experience the questline starting with the Gnomecorder and reading the quest text and the […]

Cho’gall Population

Cho’gall is a realm where the Horde seriously outnumber the Alliance. On the Horde side, seeing an Alliance toon is very rare – especially now that most instances can be queued while you’re in Stormwind. However, even still, the population on Cho’gall’s Alliance side is quite low. Here are two screenshots, one taken at 9am, […]

Two odd coincidences

While trying the Free to Play accounts, I created a hunter to earn money to send over to another twink. Realizing after earning a few gold that you couldn’t trade or mail – even to your own account. One battleground I played had eight hunters, a shaman and a rogue. Originally we had seven hunters […]

Brevisano – a free to play ‘twink’

Brevisano is a level 20 Gnome priest that I made to run battlegrounds with. While leveling, I didn’t really realize it, but, I had never died even though I had run multiple instances. I thought I was going to die during one RFC when the tank and two DPS dropped out during rolling restarts, but, […]

Some Free To Play healing screenshots

When the World of Warcraft Free to Play accounts came out, I thought, I wonder if you can effectively twink a character at 20 to compete in the 20-24 bracket. Since you’re at the bottom of the bracket, you need to stack some hit if you’re going to be DPS, but, I’ve always enjoyed being […]

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