10000 Honorable Kills

10000 kills while I was healing. Our flag dropped down from the enemy gy and while I was healing, the achievement popped up. Unlike the 10000th kill on IbJammin, I didn’t get the name of the player that was credited as my 10000th kill. There were a few notable players in that wsg, but, they […]

Ksirlaminim QQs after running Bottom Scanner

Leveling Inscription required a ton of herbs. It was only through laziness and a little farming that I was able to level Inscription quickly. When we leveled HerbSkinner and Qwaitxseven, we dumped all of the herbs over to IBJammin and put them in the bank. Over the summer, I let my membership lapse and in […]

A budget 29 Twink Rogue Guide

If you’ve got a 70 that can help you farm some items and quests, it doesn’t need to be extremely costly to make a budget twink Rogue for the 20-29 bracket. A friend had asked what it took to make IBJammin, and while I am not a true twink, I am still able to kill […]

Why do I Twink?

I loved my shadow priest when I was leveling up. So, I created a 29 Shadow Priest after my main turned Holy. While that was fun, we had an army of alts that were all level 20 for transmutes and I decided one day to turn Ibjammin into a twink rogue. The first 7k kills […]

IBJammin’s last game

Due to a lot of circumstances, I ended my WoW membership in July.  Before I stopped, IBJammin was pretty darn close to 10000 Honorable Kills.  While this game wasn’t particularly noteworthy, I did take a screenshot for posterity. Cogman, a dwarf hunter was my 10000th kill.  It was always great facing him.

Arathi Basin Upset Victory

A lot of times on Rampage, we’ll get into an AB and the odds will be stacked against us. For some reason, it is very common for us to start being 6-8 players down. Maybe Alliance clicks that ‘Join Battle’ button quicker than Horde — I don’t know, but, very often we start with a […]

I love playing Defense on Warsong Gulch

While I much prefer AB to WSG, I will play whichever Battleground pops first. Unlike many of the players on our battlegroup, WSG is not AB’s waiting room for me. If AB pops while I’m in WSG, I will generally stick around rather than hop. Since I Pug, I’ll quickly size up the group which […]

Ambush Crit after a Respec

After a respec, and before getting my final blades and enchants, I wanted to test an ambush on a very surprised shammy.  778 wasn’t too bad.

Horde Plays D!

In most Battlegrounds, I play D (Defense) and generally don’t get many kills.  In this game I recall us having an Alliance Turtle and they just kept on sending in the troops. Fun times.

Rogues and Paladins

I run a lot of PUG groups and sometimes will run with a guildie, however, today, I was running solo and got into a rather interesting PUG of 5 rogues and 5 paladins. It was a very quick match with us getting 3 returns very quickly.

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