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IBJammin’s last game
Written by cd34.

Due to a lot of circumstances, I ended my WoW membership in July.  Before I stopped, IBJammin was pretty darn close to 10000 Honorable Kills.  While this game wasn’t particularly noteworthy, I did take a screenshot for posterity.

Cogman, a dwarf hunter was my 10000th kill.  It was always great facing him.

Ibjammin's last game after hitting 10000 kills

Ibjammin's last game after hitting 10000 kills

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  1. Twinkeye
    September 1st, 2008

    | 9:54 pm

    I went up against you a few times, you were very tough. After I looked you up on the Armory I was a little surprised that you had no enchants at the time and that crappy Battleknife of the Tiger.

    I guess I ran into you again right before you retired and you were Jammin!

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