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Corruptsh, Worgen Warlock on Darkspear, Levels 51 through 60

More screenshots from Corruptsh leveling on Darkspear. Levels 51 through 60.

Corruptsh, Worgen Warlock on Darkspear, Levels 41 through 50

More screenshots from Corruptsh on Darkspear, levels 41 through 50

Corruptsh, Worgen Warlock on Darkspear, levels 31 through 40

More screenshots from Corruptsh from level 31 through level 40

Corruptsh, Worgen Warlock on Darkspear, Levels 21-30

More leveling screenshots for Corruptsh

Leveling a Worgen Warlock on Darkspear – corruptsh

Leveling a warlock for some PvP on Darkspear. Screenshots of Levels 2-20

Roxy – Levels 41 through 50

Roxy screenshots from level 41 through level 50

Roxy – 31 to 40

Roxy on Darkspear continues her leveling spree. Screenshots of level 31 to 40.

Roxy, a Gnome Priest on Darkspear

A friend of mine was considering a transfer to Darkspear, so, I figured I would take a look at the server on the Alliance side since it is reputed to be quite active with PvP. My first impression with reading Trade Chat is yes, there is a LOT of PvP activity. While I was there, […]

Lord Cobrahn Wall Climbs, and, Multiboxer Trial accounts

While running a few Wailing Caverns, I grabbed these two screenshots. The first is Lord Cobrahn who backed up slightly and went up the wall. The second is a picture of two druids that were multiboxing. I talked with the guy for a few minutes, he was trying it out and said it worked pretty […]

One that didn’t get away

While leveling fishing on Brevisano I caught the 29 pound Salmon and earned the achievement. Luxxi also has the achivement.

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