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Arathi Basin Upset Victory
Written by cd34.

A lot of times on Rampage, we’ll get into an AB and the odds will be stacked against us. For some reason, it is very common for us to start being 6-8 players down. Maybe Alliance clicks that ‘Join Battle’ button quicker than Horde — I don’t know, but, very often we start with a serious disadvantage. Usually, we give advice in the channel to send 3 to farm, rest to BS and call out the incs until more players show up. I remember we were 4 capped early in this one, it was deemed a total loss by several players that said, lets just kill and get it over with.

Qwaitxtwo, a recently twinked Blood Elf warlock and I decided to join the rampage doing the 2 man from node to node. We took farm, headed to LM and took that, headed to Stables, took that, headed to mine, took that. We never defended, we did notify the group that we were OMW Stables with Qwait, or OMW Mine with Qwait and we let our team know what we were about to leave. Qwait and I run Capping which is a compact battleground scorekeeper/timer. It doesn’t bark out the status in the channel every time there is a change so, it isn’t annoying to the entire battleground, but, it does give us a good indication of what we need to do, whether we can win or not and whether we need to hold or attack. Sometimes, the game is close enough that all we need to do is stop the counter.

In this game we rolled from one node to the next, and somehow turned it around. At the end of the game, there was a quite a bit of surprise by some of the other players. Its not a strategy that works often, but, the fact that we turned it around from sure defeat sure did feel good.

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