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I love playing Defense on Warsong Gulch
Written by cd34.

While I much prefer AB to WSG, I will play whichever Battleground pops first. Unlike many of the players on our battlegroup, WSG is not AB’s waiting room for me. If AB pops while I’m in WSG, I will generally stick around rather than hop. Since I Pug, I’ll quickly size up the group which gives me a general feeling of how it will go.

There’s nothing I love more in WSG than to defend the flag, or, to get the EFC during a turtle. Generally, I will kill most people before they even get the flag and I must believe that there is some shock and dismay when they see an empty flag room and as they get near the flag, bam, they’re dead. Depending on the rest of team, usually the other nine are headed across the field, never communicating and its up to me solo to protect the flag. I usually call out incs so that people rezzing can come in to help. Most of the time, an EFC will never leave the flag room. Engineering is so much fun and gives me a bunch of ways to snare or pursue. I love seeing an EFC come in with the sprint boots only to get sapped until the sprint debuff wears off.

In this game, I recall quite a bit of action for a 29 minute game. The Alliance sent over a huge group at first and the flag was returned midfield, then, Alliance decided to turtle — with a score of 0-0. At that point, they were sending pairs over to get the flag which is a good tactic since Horde never defends on Rampage. Usually, Alliance can roll in with a pair, one will run defense and the other will be the FC. This strategy usually allows me to get a few more flag returns. Qwaitxsix, a guildmate has a screenshot with 13 returns. I’m sure he’s gotten more as we usually run D together.

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