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Trial Account Twinking – Free for Life
Written by cd34.

What you’re about to read is probably one of the most difficult twinks to make in World of Warcraft. Recently, World of Warcraft instituted a new rule that allows you to create a trial account which limits the account to level 20. There are numerous other restrictions, can’t create parties, can’t join parties with people over level 20, can’t send mail, can’t use the auction house and can have a maximum of 10 gold. That last restriction is the one that makes this possible. Since you can’t join parties with a higher level person, that eliminates the ability for you to be run through instances. You’re also unable to access any Bind to Account gear unless you buy it with your own honor. You can’t farm it on another account on the Trial and mail it over as you’re not able to use the Mailbox.

First Aid doesn’t appear to be capped at 100, and, with the Gnome Racial, I am able to attain a skill level of 115 – allowing me the ability to make the Large Copper Bomb and the Standard Scope.

The concept?

Create a level 19 twink that is competitive with other funded/created twinks. One of my first twinks was a rogue and I know that class reasonably well. My first twink didn’t have the great leg enchant and had no weapon enchants, and still chalked up over 8000 kills – and I sought out the other twinks. Gear doesn’t always guarantee a win – as many of my opponents realized.

The first thing we need to figure out is how to make 10 gold when you can’t trade. Through Instances and questing you can earn about 5 gold prior to level 19, but, that’s not enough. If you sell leather/herbs and make the Linen Bags to vendor, you can grind through and earn 5 gold through that. Make sure when you hit the 10 gold cap that you keep some items in your inventory so that when you turn off experience, you can sell some items to get some cash so that the next flight path you need to take doesn’t turn into a long walk.


* Pick up Skinning and Herbalism
* Sell all herbs/leather, keep all linen for tailoring
* Drop Herbalism and learn Tailoring
* 260 cloth required to start making Linen Bags – Linen Bags are the most cost effective use for Linen taking 6 cloth to earn 2 silver.
* Bags sell for 2 silver to the vendor, but, farming the linen at 18-19 doesn’t give experience (if level 18, you need level 11-12 mobs, if level 19, you can farm off level 13 mobs without getting experience)
* Since you need 10 gold at level 19, don’t train first aid, if you don’t need a quest reward, take the highest cash value award and vendor it.

When you’re getting close, set your hearthstone to Stormwind or Orgrimmar so that you don’t need to use a flight path. Or, if you are in an instance or battleground, leave when you hit 19, spend the 10 gold to turn off experience.

Hopefully you have 9 silver worth of items in your backpack so that you can buy a tabard for one of your home cities. Once you hit revered with each city, you can buy a single 16 slot bag. Since you need to do quite a bit of gathering, gearing up by running a few instances and earning the rep is well worth it. If you really want to, you could get the tabard early on and instance from 15-19, but, once you start instancing, you earn quite a bit of money very quickly.

Now the work begins

Before you drop tailoring, see if there is any shirt you would like to create to personalize your toon.

Next, see if there are any Jewelcrafting recipes you want. Since you’re stuck at level 19, you only need to get Jewelcrafting up to 70 as a maximum which isn’t too time consuming. Follow any of the leveling guides to get you to the level you need, and, keep the greens to Disenchant later. Keep any blue items you get while instancing. If you want to make a bunch of Stone Statues, you can use them after you drop Jewelcrafting. Also, consider prospecting some of your Copper before dropping it so that you have a decent supply of Malachite and Tigerseye. If you’re making the Tiger Googles, you need two Tigerseye. If you get the Mechanical Squirrel Box, you need two Malachite.

Drop Jewelcrafting and pick up Enchanting. Disenchant all of your unneeded items and when you get items in the instances, greed them rather than disenchant as you don’t get the skillup from disenchanting ‘loot’.

Without the PVP trinkets or PVP Weapons, here’s what I ended up with:

Item List

* [item]4368[/item]
* [item]25438[/item]
* [item]5404[/item]
* [item]6449[/item] (+10 Armor Enchant)
* [item]6473[/item] (+15 Health Enchant)
* [item]2577[/item]
* [item]3230[/item] (+1 Stamina Enchant)
* [item]6448[/item] (+1 Weapon Damage Enchant)
* [item]6448[/item] (+1 Weapon Damage Enchant)
* [item]58929[/item] (+2 Weapon Damage Scope, Gnome)
* [item]10413[/item]
* [item]51964[/item] (of the Bandit)
* [item]10410[/item]
* [item]10411[/item]
* [item]20820[/item]
* [item]60730[/item]

The Result

Aside from the 40+ minute queue times, I was able to easily take out a few other twinks. I’m sure there are times when a lot more 19 twinks are playing, so, its just a matter of finding that and queueing up then.

Total time played was under 40 hours to get everything except the honor gear, and, while I don’t have the BoA gear and enchants that the other twinks have, he is able to hold his own.

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  1. john
    August 9th, 2011

    | 6:06 am

    How did you manage to get [Bravo Company Signet]? The quest NPC is missing on my trial account.

  2. cd34
    August 9th, 2011

    | 11:33 am starts the chain that gets the ring. It is a fairly long chain, probably close to 20 quests, but, if you know the Rambo storyline, it is quite humorous.

    Once you start that quest, you get Weapons of War which sends you to recover the rest of the Bravo Company as you unlock one of the cages. After you’ve rescued all four, you take the boat, camouflage yourself, put down some explosives (slick cutscene), then, kill 3 bosses with Bravo Company. Upon your return, the quest guy is there (phased) and you get the reward. I think I soloed it in roughly 25 minutes including the time I stopped to mine Tin nodes while camouflaged.

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