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The Scavenger
Written by cd34.

This achievement was actually rather easy to obtain, but, required a bit of running around.

Steam Pump Flotsam
Coilfang Reservoir/Serpent Lake/Umbrafen Lake, Zangarmarsh

Schooner Wreckage
Windshear Crag, Stonetalon Mountains

Floating Wreckage
The Forgotten Coast, Feralas

Bloodsail Wreckage
Southern Savage Coast, Stranglethorn Vale

Waterlogged Wreckage
Ethel Rethor/Sar’theris Strand, Desolace

There are other locations that contain these, but, distance to flight path and how quickly I could get from one location to the next was considered.

If you don’t have track fishing, these will be a little harder to find, but, if you do have track fishing, don’t loot the boxes that you get. Send them to an alt with at least Fishing 1 and see if you get the Weatherbeaten Journal. On Cho’gall, it sells for about 5g quite quickly when you have a few. Or, you can ship it off to your alt and use it. Once you have learned the skill, when you loot the boxes, it will automatically delete the journal. If you view the contents, there is no indication that it is there, but, you can view the contents, pull out the money and send the box to an alt, and, if the scroll is there, they will see it.

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