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Matticus believes it is difficult to get 300k healing in a battleground
Written by cd34.

Undisputed Method of Earning Damage Control talks about how a healer can get 300k damage or healing to obtain the “Damage Control” achievement.

While I haven’t taken any screenshots recently, after setting 500k as a lower limit for grabbing a screenshot, 300k healing isn’t difficult at all. I’ve made a number of older screenshots, mostly after the AV change to reinforcements where games no longer last hours and most are just a mad rush to the other side. Some of the healing posts I’ve made in the past show that 300k is a rather easy number to obtain. A priest in battlegrounds that heals will heal for 2000 or so without a crit and roughly 7000 in S1 gear (735 spellpower after 3.0.2’s update). Even in S1 gear, people give up beating on me because it just takes to long to get that HK.

Casting 150 flash heals or 43 greater heals in AV is the equivalent of 4 complete mana pools without any buffs. With Divine Spirit, a trinket or two used, swapping out to [item]34677[/item] would make the task even easier. With the new glyphs, my renew’s tick at 831 — considering the glyph shortens the renew time to 12 seconds, casting 90 renews in battle would do it. Get lucky enough to cast on a warlock with Fel Armor up and your ticks are over 1100.

As a battle healer, I would often heal 70k just on the group taking out Balinda — which is a quarter of the achievement within the first 3 minutes of the game. And when I healed, I was usually one of the few that healed. With the new spellpower changes, even shadow priests could easily dish out that much healing. I believe a priest will find it much easier to get this achievement healing than by doing damage.

In Arathi Basin, you would just have to be on the attacker party, standing off to the back in order to achieve this. In Warsong I think I maxed out healing over 400k a few times in 20-25 minute games.

The king of healing that I witnessed? Stormagus, a shaman that just totally obliterated my healing.

Even in this 33 minute AV, I averaged 257 healing per second. That includes breaks to get out of combat and drink — it is rare that I’ll use potions in battlegrounds and I rarely use elixirs or buff food.

This is one of those achievements where I believe the benefit lies with pugging rather than premade/preforms. In a preform where you are just farming honor, you’re playing the system and your 10 minute win isn’t going to give you the opportunity to earn this.

Be brave, pug a game or two and you’ll be surprised at how easy these are. I imagine after WotLK 300k healing will be even easier to obtain.

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