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Horde Graveyard Camping
Written by cd34.

I am not one to condone graveyard camping. I hate it in the 29 bracket, hated it in the 70 bracket, and now that I’m in the 80 bracket, I still dislike it.

Alliance have a few people that glitch Wintergrasp and it is frustrating. We’ll be into a game, a wall will be down and instantly we have 12 Demolishers headed for that wall and into the center courtyard, through the walls and we lose Wintergrasp. Once the battle is over, the Alliance on Cho’gall keep their tenacity bonus. So, after this game where Horde defended both workshops extremely well, the Alliance decided to camp the graveyard spawn and repeatedly kill the Horde that were rezzing there. A call out in General chat and our raid group came en masse to help our stranded group members.

It turned into a 15 minute slugfest where we eventually pushed them back to their graveyard, killed all of their NPCs and pushed them into a small little spot. If you’ve never seen what happens when you resurrect in Wintergrasp, you are given a debuff where you cannot be damaged. Since we had killed their flight master and all of the NPCs, the Alliance stayed huddled in a little corner while trying to range dps us. Once in a while someone would get close enough for a death knight to death grip someone, but, a quick dispell and all was good.

They started it, we ended it.

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