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The Fall of Naxxaramas
Written by cd34.

cdthirtyfive was never a PvEer. With my work schedule, I rarely have time to do much more than squeeze in a quick instance like Heroic Violet Hold, run battlegrounds, or participate in the Battle for Wintergrasp.

Last night, qwaitxseven and a few friends of his including Wounds, Basmastersix, Smooch, Unholybeast, Darkdestro, Uprise, Paynolympics did a Naxx-10 ‘pug’ and invited me along. We had ventrillo, so, it wasn’t too difficult to communicate. I didn’t know most of the fights, but, I had watched qwaitxseven do many of them from a dps perspective. I went into it with just above 2100 spellpower, 233 mp5 while casting and just over 800 intellect and just under 800 spirit. After the run, I came out with roughly 2270 spellpower, 852 int, 796 spirit and 281 mp5. In addition, my crit chance went up 3%, I gained an on-spellcast proc haste trinket and about 70 haste. Retnoobchick from Scotch and Waffles was our pally tank and short of a few tight moments here and there, did pretty well. We had some alts that switched out depending on the fight and a Moonkin named Moonsomething near the end.

The run was quick, well organized, very few deaths (3 of which were mine) and a small 28 gold repair bill.

Items received:


and with the Emblems of Heroism I picked up, I purchased [item]40697[/item]

The benefit to going out with well geared players, is that no one wants to roll on the item-level 200 gear.

Achievements earned:

* The Arachnid Quarter
* Arachnaphobia
* The Construct Quarter
* The Military Quarter
* Sapphiron’s Demize
* Kel’thusad’s Defeat
* The Fall of Naxxaramas

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