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More Alliance Glitching in Lake Wintergrasp on Cho’gall
Written by cd34.

A few names consistently show up with glitchers. In the first picture, you can clearly see Barlar’s demolisher is laying on its side going through the door. The second shot shows the resulting map after Horde lost control. Note that only the exterior walls are down and the interior walls have not been touched.

The third and fourth screenshots show more vehicles inside the inner courtyard with 1 wall half damaged and the resulting map after Horde lost control. Dezi was the one piloting the demolisher in this battle.

Blizzard’s stance appears to be that this is intended behavior. For more information, here is a page that details more Wintergrasp Glitches. Horde usually doesn’t even try to glitch as it really isn’t necessary. We usually have 3-4 full raid groups and outnumber the Alliance. Even with Tenacity, a mass of 30 horde will roll through 10 defenders fairly quickly.

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