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Zombie event porta-pews in Shatt
Written by cd34.

Near the end of the zombie scourge invasion, the complaints in trade were so bad that I left trade chat. Our battlemasters in Orgrimmar were dead, the ones in Thunderbluff were dead, I figured, let me check Undercity, and, short of a few invasions and a very handy Argent healer right there, I was able to queue for battlegrounds without much difficulty, but, I could tell that most of the people were having the same problems.

I rejoined Trade to try and sell a few items and it was so difficult to even try to sell items, queues weren’t popping so I got a little bored. Since so many people were complaining about the invasion, I said something in chat like:

You know, outside the Aldor Bank in Shattrath there are a number of porta-pews that need to be filled and everyone needs to pray at the pews to summon Lok’helthor to start the next phase of the invasion.

Almost immediately a few people started recruiting all sorts of players to get them to fill up the pews. Even though I was queued, I just had to check Shattrath to see what they were doing so I logged on Herbskinner to take a look and was amazed at the turnout.

Trick or Treat? Trick!

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