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Master of Arms
Written by cd34.

While helping Qwaitxseven level in The Storm Peaks, a pull of a few mobs resulted in me meleeing one which resulted in the last point needed to raise two handed axes to 400, resulting in my fourth weapon skill being 400. My bow skill was easily raised to 400 as I prefer to use a bow. I used Fist Weapons while running twinks through SM for drops, which resulted in ‘Did Somebody Order a Knuckle Sandwich.’ I also used dual daggers while running twinks through SM/Gnomeregen after raising fist weapons to 400. While running twinks, it is difficult to take a mob off a twink with a 3.60 swing timer on an axe, so, I prefer to run with faster weapons so I can easily melee a mob that gets too close and pull it off the twink quickly.

It has resulted in a number of saves.


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