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Warsong Gulch assured victory?
Written by cd34.

At the beginning of this Warsong Gulch, it was 5v2, two more people zoned in on Horde side and then Arathi Basin popped. At that point, I believe the two Alliance took the Arathi Basin queue, leaving us with a 7v0 game.

While we could have at least scored a quick early point, somehow our Flag Carrier decided it would be funny to dance around midfield, some Alliance zoned in and quickly got to our flag room. The game ended 3-2 with Horde winning.

At level 80, almost every battleground I have tried starts with a deficit on the horde side except for Alterac Valley. In AV, I have yet to see a match where we didn’t have at least 15 more players than the Alliance. I started twinking after I saw the horde honor farming rather than playing the game. They were concerned with how much honor per hour they could earn and they would queue up for those battlegrounds. The only time you saw decent queues were on battleground holiday weekends and even then, people were there for the ‘quick honor.’

3.1 brings with it Battleground Queuing from anywhere and queuing up for 5 battlegrounds at a time. Now, if people see a game they don’t think will be quick honor, they’ll have 4 other battlegrounds to choose from.


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