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Jboogiee and Brodas ganking in ‘The Charred Vale’
Written by cd34.

When I created Bhodi, I realized that in order to get the gear I needed, I wouldn’t have a lot of playtime to learn how to effectively play a Shaman. Knowing which totems to use when, what keybindings would be helpful, etc was something I needed to know before I had all of the gear and enchants, so, I created a Shaman on another realm. Truth be told, I created Gotmooh on Alterac Valley before deciding to make a Shaman twink, but, never leveled him past level 8. After Bhodi hit level 23 or so, I decided to level Gotmooh to 29, try and get a little gear for him including Bleeding Crescent, Clink Shield and some other gear.

While I was out doing a little mining, Jboogiee, a 69 paladan struggled to kill me. His first strike was a miss, I stayed in ghost wolf form and got reasonably far away from him before he could mount up and kill me. I rezzed, continued mining and watched him kill a 23 warlock before coming back after me. After I got ganked the third time, I changed direction and went mining again at which point Brodas saw me, dismounted, attacked my Stoneclaw totem and got stunned, ran through my binding totem before turning around and then bam, Jboogiee decided to kill me again.

After that one, they decided to camp me and I took a few screenshots.

Bravo Jboogiee and Brodas for being able to kill someone 20 levels below you and having to pair up to do it.

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