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Rampage to Cyclone
Written by cd34.

The 29 bracket in Rampage leaves a little to be desired. Sure there are some great twinks, but, Rampage appears to be more 80s Arena oriented. After surfing the forums on, Cyclone gave some promise as a battlegroup that appreciated 29 twinks. After a lot of thought, we figured we would roll two new toons, a shaman and a warlock on Boulderfist. Since 3.0.8 announced that you could create a death knight on ANY realm, we figured we could get a head start on the reroll and get our toons up to 20 or so in preparation for 3.0.8.

We quickly realized that a support character needed to be created to help finance the twinks and do initial gear runs so we started leveling separate characters to help through portions of quests. After trying that and seeing the slow progress, we decided to make a death knight on Cho’gall, pack him full of items that we couldn’t find on Boulderfist and use those items to get our twinks geared up prior to 3.0.8.

Leveling a death knight from 55 to 68 took about 32 hours and he earned about 900 gold in quest rewards and vendoring the unused quest items. No trade skills were leveled, just all out madness to get to 68 as quickly as possible as we figured that was the level needed to handle escorting a twink in the Borean Tundra to level mining. A lot of the engineering items were made for our twinks and items that we couldn’t find on Boulderfist that we felt would be useful were shipped over. A good buy on the Staff of the Shade, a few Acrobatic staves, crafted items, a few librams, Golden Spellthread, some enchanting materials, a LOT of ore and some netherweave bags to give the twinks some room for loot during the runs. Another 1500 gold was added to bring the total to 2400 gold.

Rerolling to a new realm without a sponsor is not easy. Having an alt standing by to make swiftness potions or free action potions, or to craft an engineering trinket or move a few gold over to buy materials for some crafted items is replaced with having to find someone on the trade channels that can do that particular enchant, or make that somewhat rare crafted item. The shortage of a money making alt is quickly noticed when you have to decide to buy a wool bag or a linen bag and are debating spending the 1 gold to buy another bank slot.

All of this was a consideration when we debated waiting for 3.0.8, or transferring a character over. Here’s the bank screenshot prior to the move. The bank/bag mod is TBag. It is a little annoying to get used to at first, but, once you understand it, it makes quite a bit of sense.

Rumors of multiple days to transfer an account rang through my head along with the fear of lost items or money during the transfer. At 2:00 am on Dec 31, 2008, I submitted the information for the paid transfer, paid the $25 and held my breath. At 9:00 am on Dec 31, 2008, I checked the account transaction page and it said the transfer was complete. Upon logging into World of Warcraft, my death knight was missing from Cho’gall and was present on Boulderfist.

My Zombie was gone, my local macros were gone, but, the bank and backpack contents arrived intact.

Time to farm RFK, Gnomer and SM Lib/Armory for Lockwho.

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