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PvP on the PTR
Written by cd34.

World of Warcraft opened the PTR up recently and I’ve been playing a Rogue premade character on it. At first, looking for a little PVP action on the PvP PTR realm wasn’t too difficult. Walk outside Orgrimmar where dozens of people are dueling and lurking around the rocks are more Alliance rogues than you can imagine. A quick sap and you have a prepackaged rogue ready for the wrath of the hundreds of horde….. or so you would think. Horde toons just don’t seem to care much and will just stand there and watch the guy for 10 seconds until he stealths out again.

Many of the premade characters are also farming rep with the Bloodsail Buccaneers. Combined with the three turnin codes at the vendor that everyone wants to get, there is a steady stream of cross-faction battles around that Goblin.

There are so many dead bodies in Booty Bay floating in the water, around the boardwalks and inside Booty Bay. The number of skeletons in the tunnel last night was just amazing.

Once you head from Booty Bay up to Stormwind for a little more PvP action, as you enter Elwynn Forest, doing a /who results in 24 Horde in the zone. Last night we had a druid/rogue raid on Stormwind which was a lot of fun. Since all of us could stealth, the Alliance had no idea how many people were there.


Along the way I ran across a bunch of dead bodies.


Once you get into Stormwind, there aren’t as many Horde in the channel. For some reason, people get a kick out of people in Trade talking while taking out the Alliance.


Even without a raid going on, about a half hour later we had a few more Horde in Stormwind.


All in all, I only found a few minor combat issues with rogues on the Public Test Realm. Distract seems to lag slightly, but, some of the character classes are a little more balanced. The new instance isn’t up yet and the Battlegrounds and Arena were down after a glitch in the new Battleground.

The Public Test Realm just came up, Battlegrounds and Arena appear to be open, the new Boss is supposedly in VoA but the new Ulduar is still down.

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