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An Honorable Kill
Written by cd34.

While doing some quests in the Hinterlands, Sormodann saw me at about 70% health, 2 levels below him, and fighting another mob and decided to attack. 45 levels and my first honorable kill on Cho’gall.

Horde outnumbers Alliance 4:1 on this realm if not more, so, it is always interesting when the Alliance picks a fight. Qwaitxten isn’t that well geared — he’s got the BoA shoulders and the Arcanite Reaper with Crusader, but, other than that it’s all quest gear.

To be fair, Sormodann must be a relatively new hunter as I found it very easy to kill him. No hunters mark, he didn’t disengage and when I ran up to him, it is obvious that he wasn’t used to melee. I guess he felt his 2 levels would have given him a considerable advantage.


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