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Heroic Azjol-Nerub
Written by cd34.

cdthirtyfive and qwaitxseven ran Heroic AZN today.


First run we had a Feral Druid that wanted to tank, and a Tank that wanted to DPS. One wipe on Krik’thir the Gatewatcher and our warrior DPS hearthed. So, we pulled in a DPS pally that was fairly well geared but purifying poison was “the tank’s job.” As if a Druid tank should shapeshift and clear poisons from the party. Two wipes later and the pally zones out while the Druid has to go run some arena matches with a friend. Since Wintergrasp was getting ready to start, the mage with us ported back to Dalaran with us where we saw our Druid sitting around in the bank.

A few hours later we decided to try again. We found a pally tank, a mage and a warrior for DPS. One wipe, warrior disconnects. We find an epic geared rogue that actually knows the fights. Cdthirtyfive died, kept healing as Spirit of Redemption, Qwaitxseven healed in a pinch as I ran back into the instance. A mana pot, shadowfiend and Hymn of Hope and we’re back in the game and downed the first boss.

Now its on to Hadronox. Our naxx-25 geared main tank somehow doesn’t realize that tanking in the green poison clouds would make healing difficult and we wipe. A little strategy discussion and its decided to avoid the green poison clouds. After we down Hadronox, two people are so anxious to loot that they roll right into a cloud.

Now its on to Anub’arak. I don’t know why this fight was so difficult. He gets ready to cast Stomp, tank stands there and bam, 18k damage. As if that isn’t enough, some of our party doesn’t see the ground rumble and bam, have to heal 3 people that were spiked into the air. Doesn’t take long and we wipe. Another attempt, roughly the same errors and the same result. A quick strategy chat, quite a bit of effort and we manage to down Anub’arak.

I had never seen the fights, so, I didn’t really know what to expect. Qwaitxseven had run H AZN a few times and gave me the quick rundown, so, I wasn’t really surprised at some of it. If our tank had a little better AOE threat, I think this would have been much easier. Had our mage watched the scarabs a little more, that could have prevented quite a bit of spell interruption which caused some healing problems.

All in all, it was a learning experience to be sure. 38 gold repair bill sure didn’t feel good, but, I did hit Revered with the Wyrmcrest Accord so I could get the [item]44152[/item] and picked up [item]44200[/item] as well as it was a slight upgrade to my current gear. After enchants and a gem, it puts me self-buffed at 807 int/772 spirit and 2178 spellpower.


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