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Soloed Dark Iron Ambassador – Rare from Gnomeregen
Written by cd34.

While leveling Qicksfour on Whisperwind, we were running Gnomer when my twink senses said, check for ‘Dark Iron Ambassador’.

A few /tar Dark Iron Amb later and hey, he’s there. I asked if we could kill him, and the tank said sure, but, we went in to kill Thermaplug. After we downed Thermaplug, I asked again, everyone but the tank left. We went to kill him, the tank got to half life, left party and I ended up soloing two of the mobs to wait for the Dark Iron Ambassador. It was a little too close for comfort, but, with some creative hunter footwork, they were downed and I only needed to wait for the Ambassador.

A minute or so later, after I’ve gotten back to full health, he comes down the ramp, and I kill him rather easily – hoping for the [item]9456[/item] or the [item]9455[/item], but, end up with [item]9457[/item].

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