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A fan of Bhodi
Written by cd34.

Bhodi is my 29 Shaman Twink. While I loved playing IBJammin, Bhodi brings a lot more challenge to the game with the recent hunter changes. I’ve changed my playstyle from being a stealthy backstabber to providing quite a bit of support for the team. I am not responsible for our wins as it takes a team effort, but, once in a while you get someone that appreciates your effort.

While I didn’t top the damage or healing charts, I healed where it was necessary, DPSed where I could, and returned two flags by chasing them down when they slipped past midfield. I love my frost shock glyph that extends the length of the shock by two seconds. By the time frost shock is about to expire on my target, the cooldown on Frost shock is ready to be reapplied. With liberal use of purge, even pallies are easy enough to slow and take down.

Note the ‘fan’ comment in the lower left.

Thank you Bankerr — it was great to run with you as well.

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