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Captain Rumsey’s Lager
Written by cd34.

cdthirtyfive’s fishing skill was 1 while cooking was 450. In order to get the Chef title, you need to brew Captain Rumsey’s Lager which is a drop from the Fishing Dailies in Shattrath. The first daily was to fish something in Shadowmoon Valley which required roughly fishing 205 + the Aquadynamic Attractor and the Limited Edition Nat Pagle Fishing Pole. Powerleveling fishing to be able to catch the fish in Shadowmoon Valley took a few hours, the quest was turned in, but, no Recipe.

The second day, the fishing quest required a fish in the rivers of Terrokar forest which required fishing 355 to cast. I leveled fishing to 235, buffed up, but, no good. Missed too many fish. I went back to Orgrimmar (why pass up the chance to try and catch Old Crafty) and leveled fishing to 280 and went back to fish Terrokar Forest. Bingo, received the quest fish in about 8 casts, turned in the quest and voila, the Recipe was in the quest reward.

A quick trip over to the Inn in Shattrath, purchased the two ingredients and made the Lager right there.


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