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Luxxi – a 20 Trial account
Written by cd34.

I created a number of trial account characters to see just what could be done with a level 20 toon. Luxxi, a Holy Paladin, ended up being the one I played the most. I suspected I would have run with my Shaman, but, somehow the Paladin won. After fishing for Old Ironjaw and coming up empty handed after 1650 casts, I decided to go for the Ambassador title, level up Jewelcrafting to get my necklace and the Simple Pearl Ring for my DPS set.

Of course, running instances with the Tabards brings a decent amount of rep per run – sometimes close to 3000 rep, so, it doesn’t take too many runs to get to exalted, and, while leveling cooking, several of the recipes are 2-3 gold – with a 10 gold cap, that means buying a few, running some instances or selling some loot from your bags to bring in a little cash.

Once you get cooking near 300, you need fish from Outlands and some cooking recipes from Terrokar Forest. You also need a recipe from Zangarmarsh near the Cenarion Village. The run started rather well – I took the flight path to Duskwood and ran through Deadwind Pass. I don’t ever remember spiders falling down, but, as I was mounted, I would aggro them but they never caught me. While in Swamp of Sorrows, I opened the flight path, then, it was time for the run through Blasted Lands.

I almost made it to the base, using Hand of Protection and Holy Shocking myself and using Word of Glory, but, one mistimed heal and I died. I rezzed close enough to open the flight path and then made the trek to the Dark Portal. Along the way, I aggroed one of the Hyena’s which aggroed a bird, and a boar… and I was bounced along until I died again. Getting to the portal resulted in one more death from the mobs walking around the rim of the crater. Level 20 has a very large aggro range, and, it is about to get worse.

Once I ran through the portal, I thought, finally, once I open up the flight path I can fly to Honor Hold… nope. You don’t know any flight paths connected to this one. Repair my armor, look at the path through Hellfire and run.

I mounted up and ran through and made it to the giant elite before dying using Hand of Protection after getting hit and dismounted. After watching the guard patterns, I realized that they don’t patrol back and forth, but, walk towards him and disappear, so, I waited for the next group to pass, mounted up and met the next patrol coming up and died. After this, it was pretty smooth sailing to Honor Hold, aggroing mobs I couldn’t even see, but, even on a 60% mount, I was able to outrun them. I opened up the flight path and set my sights on Zangarmarsh.

Of course, we have another flight path in Western Hellfire which I opened, but, made the mistake of aggroing a boar on the way, missed the road cutoff and didn’t want to doubleback and get dismounted. In retrospect, I should have as I aggroed more birds than I’ve ever seen. If there were that many birds when I quested, getting those feathers would have been easy. Opening the flight path, I resumed by trek back down the road, and followed the path through the ravagers. I almost made it into Zangarmarsh, but, died close enough that I could rez within the safety of the village. I talked with Juno Dufrain and bought the recipe for Blackened Sporefish.

A quick trip over to the Alliance base, and, up to the Harbor to get the other flight path. Realizing after getting there that I don’t have the rep with the Kuranai to get the one recipe. No problem, it is safer to fish here for fish as you can find a few spots where you don’t aggro nearby mobs. In 30 minutes I’ve gathered enough fish and have 320 cooking and ready for the next recipe. This time, the trek takes me to Shattrath to the bar to learn another recipe. I’ve got enough fish to easily hit 350, but, I’ve run into a snag.

I now need to go to Terrokar forest so I can cook the Golden Fishsticks to get me to 365. This is where it gets tough. In order to get to 375, you need to fish the Highland pools – which, require a flying mount – or do they?

After some thought, and looking around, I find that there appears to be a spot where I could be death gripped up to a plateau, and then again to the lake just outside the Alliance Stronghold. Voila, three Highland Fishing schools. I end up spending a few days up there waiting for pools to respawn and while waiting, run Wailing Caverns. While waiting for the others to turn in the quests, I decide to cook some of the lobster to hit 375 cooking. A little reading and I find that even if I could catch Mr. Pinchy, I wouldn’t be able to use it.

However, I did get the Ambassador Title and Master Cook.

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