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Fish Don’t Leave Footprints
Written by cd34.

Mortenoctum received this achievement while fishing a pool of Wreckage in Ferelas and finding the [item]34109[/item]. Having raised fishing on a number of toons, I knew that this area had the greatest chance to drop the item in a chest. In fact, I received two more in 11 crates.

Normally I will offer the journals to guildmates that want the fish tracking, but, I was stuck with two more that I tried to give away in Orgrimmar. Because it is Bind on Pickup, I was called a scammer until I explained how the book worked. The first person called me a scammer because they didn’t have the fishing skill and the crate appeared to be empty. Upon them getting the fishing skill, they were able to see the crate and apolgized.

The second person called me a scammer, told me it was Bind on Pickup and I said, did you want it? Do you have the Fishing Skill? Eventually I was able to convince them that it wasn’t a scam.

I won’t be saving any more of these unless I have someone I know that needs it. It is just too much hassle.


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