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Arathi Basin Assassin
Written by Qwait.

This Sunday, Horde was playing particularly badly, not defending flags, going everywhere just to rack up the kills so in the next Arathi Basin, we set out to cap nodes and farm Arathi Basin Assassin. It started out with us heading straight to LM where we met some resistance, capped (and lost) the flag as there were about 8 Alliance there. We rezzed, went back up to LM and recapped the flag, headed to Stables. Qwaitxfive earned Disgracin’ the Basin when we took Stables Flag. We were overrun, respawned at Blacksmith about a second before the flag at Blacksmith was lost. We defended the node, received our 5 kills at that point. We realized we had four minutes left and decided to go for the achievement. We went and dropped down to the Gold Mine, earned our 5 kills there, capped the flag, noticed that our team lost Farm. We moved in on farm and in the middle of combat received the achievement.

We didn’t really set out to get the achievement, but, it was fun to get.

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