Debug info shows up on top of screen during instance

While leveling Qwaitxeleven, I was in Blackrock Depths and some debug info started to show up at the top of the screen.

Twink Item Drop Rates

What does it take to farm [item]7682[/item], [item]34227[/item], [item]6681[/item], the [item]3078[/item], the [item]6688[/item], the [item]9492[/item] and the [item]9449[/item]. Shaman: * 27 runs for Torturing Poker, have not obtained Deadman’s hand after 8 runs. * 24 instance resets, 5 runs for Whisperwind Headdress Druid: * 15 instance resets, 3 runs for Whisperwind Headdress * 22 runs […]