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Random item stat bug

However after looting the item the item doesn’t have any stats.

Choose your Destiny

After completing the monk intro quests you are presented with a choice of which faction you want to join.

Pally healing done right

I was healing some battlegrounds and when the game was nearing the end I saw that the druid was in 1st place on healing. I wanted to out heal him but, I never saw the pally coming. Maybe the druid and I should take some healing lessons from him. Yorkrao from Illidan, your heals are […]

Staying Buffed All Winter

Running with the guild BLEED, we downed Hodir. The achievement requires you to have Toasty Fire, Storm Power and Starlight buffs. This fight is very nice to have some frost resist gear. So please help your healers out, wear some frost resist gear.

Femo Ninjas Not Once but Twice

So I was on my hunter and was looking for a group for any heroic, so I get an invite from Femo from the guild wipe, he was in a group for Heroic Violet Hold. So we started it up things are going good a blue drops. So everyone greeds it but, then Femo needs. […]

Professional Artisan

Qwaitxnine, a new death knight, leveled up herbalism after hitting 80 and purchased Artisan training.

Level 60

After doing the quest How to Serve Goblins it leveled me up to 60. Then I picked up some poop to look for a key.

Safe Deposit

So we all know Wrath is coming out on Thursday, we need more space. So while I was getting ready and upgraded my bags and got all the bank bag slots and boom…Achievement. So I will be ready, see you in Northrend.

1000 Honorable Kills

So I was healing my main man Bhodi and playing some D on bs. I noticed that I got an achievement for a 1000 Honorable Kills, and hit that old Print Scrn. After the game I looked at the screenshot and noticed that my 1000th kill didn’t even hit the ground before my screenshot was […]

Arathi Basin Assassin

This Sunday, Horde was playing particularly badly, not defending flags, going everywhere just to rack up the kills so in the next Arathi Basin, we set out to cap nodes and farm Arathi Basin Assassin. It started out with us heading straight to LM where we met some resistance, capped (and lost) the flag as […]

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