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I got kicked out of an Instance?!?
Written by cd34.

While leveling a Warlock, a class I’ve never played before, I ran an instance and ended up queuing with two people from one realm. The irony here is inescapable.

Our tank’s name was: Imahealer, a holy specced tank, and our healer, Edreilea, a resto specced druid sporting all Stam/Agility gear with a Spirit cloak. I was told that their guild, Halfpint Heroes, was gearing up the druid as a healer and were sparing no expense. I said:

You should go on the auction house and buy a few items with Int, as she’s going to run out of mana in the middle of every battle. Stacking Stam/Agility as a healer is not really a good idea. I actually was quite polite about it, but, after every pull, no matter how small, the healer had to sit — “Forgot to buy water”.

I’m not sure why people think sitting replenishes mana faster than standing, but, after every pull, the druid would sit until she reached 100%. I suggested that one of the other people tank, allow the Paladin to heal and let the druid DPS and roll on the healer gear so that we could get through the instance. During a mana break, bam.

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