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World of Warcraft Recruit a Friend Leveling Speed
Written by cd34.

While we’ve been known to powerlevel characters, we had the opportunity to test out how quickly you could level from 1 to 60 on two toons. Since the accounts were linked, there was a bonus on each quest turnin, which made questing much quicker than instancing or battlegrounding. While we know the areas for questing quite well on the Horde side since we’ve probably leveled 25+ 70+ characters, we’ve found Blizzard has done a relatively good job putting in quest hubs.

Here are two screenshots taken during leveling a hunter from 1 to 60 in two days. This was a Shaman/Hunter team and I believe only two levels were granted through the recruit a friend. We previously leveled a Priest/Warrior team which took four days from 1 to 60.

53 seconds for Level 51 to 52 was accomplished during the turnins for Hinterlands. Usually we hit Hinterlands right at 46 to get the [item]19120[/item] for a little extra hit, but, the experience gains from questing are just too fast with the linked accounts. The second image was taken in Ungoro Crater, which we usually hit at 49. Ungoro Crater is usually good for 49-52 in an hour or so without the referral link due to the fact that you have over 20 quests that can be turned in, and, if you do the escort quest and the ash quest from ratchet, an extra boost of experience when you turn those in.

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