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37 Minutes for Level 46 to 47
Written by cd34.

Blizzard made a number of changes to leveling which I believe means they are focused on end game content rather than everything prior. Bind On Account gear gives 10% more experience per item, and you can equip two BOA items for a 20% gain. Experience for quests was raised and mounts are obtainable at level 20. This probably is a big factor as many of the quest hubs in the starting areas require a bit of running around.

However, the biggest change was experience in Battlegrounds. While questing, I’ll always have two battlegrounds queued, and, on a good night, I’ll actually do more battlegrounding than questing. While leveling Qwaitxsix in the Hinterlands, the battlegrounds were constantly popping. A quest turnin leveled me in Orgrimmar.

37 minutes for level 46

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